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Programs evaluation and prevention in health for companies and institutions: in centres that request the service or within our facilities appointment are made.

Studies of the Cabinet.

  1. Cardio-Imaging:

    1. 1. Nuclear Cardiology gated SPECT, (Perfusion myocardial SPECT, MIBI, thallium, Tetrofosmin or Dual cardiac scan, all are variants of the same study).
    2. 2. Tomography of heart or coronary angiotac, (virtual catheterization, CT, MSCT, CVCT, all are synonymous or are the same study with some variant).
    3. 3. SPECT/CT of the heart
  2. Other non-invasive diagnosis:

    1. Holter monitoring
    2. MAP (ambulatory blood pressure mapping)
    3. Exertion test
    4. Echocardiogram
    5. Electrocardiogram

Important: Our services are appointment, through the e-mail / specified in contact information.